Thursday, 14 July 2011

What's my M&Sing name?!

So a curious thing has happened to my ipod, my dear little pink ipod with the sparkly England flag on the back.

It still plays fine (especially with Steve’s shiney new headphones that he doesn’t realise I’ve stolen) but it seems to have developed a mind of its own.

For example, right now, it thinks it is 2.38am.

Mine is just like this, but more glittery, more bashed up and with better music

It has also taken to playing songs in whatever order it pleases. So, if I have it on shuffle, it will always now play the first two songs of every album. Then the third and fourth. Why? I don’t know. It used to just play songs as it should on shuffle; just nice and randomly.

It has also decided to swap all the album covers so they no longer match the song or artist. Super funsies right?

And yesterday, to top it all off, it increased the volume by itself and then froze while still managing to play the song so I couldn’t turn it down or off.

Not awful generally I suppose but I am sure that the other patrons of M&S weren’t that happy to see me wandering through to store, in smart office dress, headphones in with Ja Rule and JLo’s ‘I’m Real’ blaring out.
And it was the rude version.

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