Friday, 1 July 2011

Goldie goldie goldie, bronzie bronzie bronzie

I got a fake tan. It is lush. I am all bronzed and goddessy (except, of course, the fact that I am not six foot, lithe and amazonian).

I do not get a lot of spray tans but was feeling short, fat, dumpy and pale so it seemed a good option, I have, however, had enough to know how the system works; you go in, the nice tan lady leaves, you strip off, put on the little black paper knickers, pop some moisturiser on your elbows, ankles and knees and then the lady comes back in and sprays you silly.

Except this time she did not give me any little black paper knickers and I forgot to ask. So I stripped off and suddenly found myself standing there, naked, unsure of what to do; should I put my own knickers back on (which would have been problematical as I hadn't come in any for the purpose of not smudging the tan when it was done), should I search for the black paper pants in the many beauty boxes in the room, should I just stand there, starkers, in the booth waiting?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and I had no choice but to stand there in the altogether. I adopted a sort of casual 'yeah-I'm-nudey' pose for good measure.

Now, I am not a prude, I have no issue being in various stages of undress in front of beauty professionals, I mean they see it every day, but this was the first time I had every been fully nude and, lets just say that it was a bit disconcerting to stand there having a total all over spray tan.

Still my tuppence is lovely and brown now. Which serves no purpose but is nice.

ps it is my Steve's birthday today and he has a horrid cold and is feeling very sorry for himself. Tis awfully sad. Still he had Percy Pigs for breakfast so it isn't all bad. x

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Peridot said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

Did you know those Percy Pigs contain actual pig? And yet it doesn't put me off....