Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Because we are all friends here

I'll admit it, I am not ashamed.

I do not pee very often.

Indeed I am quite regularly compared to a camel; I once did a 15 hour flight to Canada without out visiting the bathroom.

The upside of this includes never having to go a million times before a car journey, never having to worry if there will be a loo in the shop/restaurant/bar and saving countless tens of minutes doing actual things.

But of course, there are downsides and one struck me yesterday evening when Steve and I had popped out for tea at a local restaurant we have visited many a time:

By not going to the bathroom I don't ever know what they are like in a particular place.

Are they nice? Am I missing out on lovely smelling hand creams? Do they have the uber scary Dyson hand dryers? Do they have some sort of some kind of new super amazing toilet thing that I don't even know about due to my lack of frequenting of public restrooms?

Tis a wonder.

ps incidentally, when in the US I obviously did have to go to the loo and discovered two things:

1) Americans are very against hand dryers. Indeed Bloomingdale's have recently removed theirs following a petition.

2) The flushes there are weird. They tend to be automatic; either when you stand up or, more disturbingly, just every 60 seconds or so which can be quite shocking if you are just innocently sitting there having enjoyed an awful lot of complimentary juice at brunch.

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Peridot said...

I used to be like that. But now I need to pee like a regular person - enjoy it while you can.

You are rarely missing out on anything pleasant in a public loo (our work loos are vile - some people's bowels are in a shocking state)