Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And now he won't watch another film with me...

I may have been mentioned before that Steve and I have very different tastes when it comes to well, most things. Films are no exception.

He claims I am very annoying to watch a film with. Now, that is true. I tend to offer bits of random trivia about the film or actors while we watch.

Plus, if it is a film I am not that interested in but that Steve is intent on watching then I will often drift in and out, asking questions as I go as I have somehow lost what is actually happening.

OK, so this is Wishbone as Robin Hood, but I loved that show. It rocked.

This is what happened a few weeks ago when Steve wanted to watch the Russell Crowe (from here on known as Rusty) version of Robin Hood.

To start with I told him all about a cute interview I read with Rusty about how he showed his sons the film. Steve sighed a lot before purposefully pausing the film and staring at me.

Then I decided to read my book and therefore paid no attention to the film, when I looked up everything had changed and I got confused:

Me: Steve, who is Cate Blanchett in this?

Steve: (without moving his gaze from the tv) Maid Marion

Me: Really? But they just said she was fake married to Rusty! That doesn't happen until the end does it?


Me: It definitely doesn't happen until the end usually, that is why they always do the whole 'I'll have an outlaw for an inlaw' thing.

Steve: (through gritted teeth) This is a prequel to the traditional story and therefore, as the whole thing is legend anyway, they have a slightly different take on it.

Me: Right....

Ten minutes later

Me: Is that Prince John? Is he meant to be having an affair with the woman who becomes his next wife, Isabella of Angoulême? If so then that is silly as in real life Isabella was only 12 when they married and John was 34! They would hardly be going at it like that before they even got married would they?!

Steve: (rubbing his temples) Like I said, it is a slightly different version of the legend..

Me: But that is historical fact - she was queen!

Five minutes later

Me: Steve! Who is the guy who is played by the man who was Keamy in Lost?

Steve: (breathing deeply) Little John.

Me: Is that the bear who sounds like Baloo from The Jungle Book in the other film?

Steve: (standing up defiantly) I am going to watch this in the bedroom....

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