Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jam it up!

As I believe I have neglected to tell you, we are moving in just over a fortnight. I mean, what else would you do when you are 16 weeks pregnant other than pack up you and your husband's entire lives, inform what seems like a billion companies of a change of address, rearrange insurance, council tax and utilities and work full time eh?

Anyway, today is sorting out Livy's Clothes Day.

I know.

I am currently sat in my living room, surrounded by clothes, black sacks and a marker pen. Now, it turns out, I am ruthless. I have said goodbye to the jeans I first kissed the Steve in, the pink tweed Kookai jacket and mini skirt suit that I spent my first pay packet on (tis hideous by the way and hasn't fitted me in 6 years) and my beloved pink Tinkerbell hoodie.

There is an exception though....


Cuuuuuute. Incidently I do not own this pair. Although I wish I did.

Counting up I have 11 pairs of jammie bottoms (less tops for some reason) which seems excessive for a woman with only one bum. Just to be clear, those 11 don't count the pair I am currently wearing to bed or the two maternity pairs I have stashed in a carrier in the spare room.

And I cannot get rid of any of them.

It seems I am doomed to stay in bed a lot...

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Caroline Rose said...

That´s because pjs are quite wonderous. You are quite right to keep them all.