Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pink and cute and fluffy and needed

I have spoken before about my Valentine's Day thoughts and this year Steve and I had an agreement. As our anniversary is on the 26th February then we would make no fuss for Valentine's. Just cards, maybe a takeaway or nice homecooked meal. We don't need all the extras and fluffy hearts and besides, I can't drink anyway so why bother.

So I was all buffered up when I went into town yesterday, no temptations, I was stalwart. I ignored all the pretty things I saw in Debenhams, I distracted myself from the sparkley, pink trinkets in House of Fraser with a delicious bowl of porridge and an apple juice and then I came to Paperchase.

And there they had lovely things. Like this:

And this:

And this:

It was all so lovely. But I was strong! I was good! And I left.

I went to Marks and Spencers. I breathed deeply and was sure that I WOULD NOT buy anything. And then I saw something so wonderful, so fantastic that you would have been cross at me if I didn't get them.

Heart shaped marshmallows!

Have you ever heard of anything more fabulous?

Which is why I have four packs of them, some pink floating candles and a special dine in for £20 Valentine's dinner....

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Peridot said...

If you can't drink, what could be better than a really luxurious hot chocolate crammed full of marshmallows? I can't think of a thing!