Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Now, lets remember, we're very sleep deprived...

Steve and I were in the living room. Steve was eating. I was feeding the baby and myself simultaneously. We were watching How I Met Your Mother. The adverts came on.

Steve: Seriously, a Christmas advert already?

Me: I know, but it is October. Christmas is just round the corner.

Steve: I am looking forward to this Christmas, it is going to be awesome. I'm not usually big on Christmas but it is going to be so special this year. I want us to get the big tree, play Christmas songs, see everyone and just celebrate.

A new advert came on. It played for a minute and then:

Me: Another Christmas ad! Wait... this is the exact same Christmas M&S advert as last year! With the X Factor contestants.

Steve: I was about to say! Are they saving money or something? Why reuse it? It is not as if last year's contestants are particularly rele..

He stopped.

Steve: Oh God... Liv, we're playing this How I Met Your Mother on Sky+. It is from last year. These adverts are from last year.

Me: I had totally forgotten that we had pressed play.

Steve: Me too. We must never speak of this again.

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