Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some tales

You must excuse the lack of postage because a very sad thing happened.

I stood on my laptop and smashed the screen. Twas tragic. I cried. More than once. So this post comes to you through the exciting method of plugging said laptop into the tv thus making a massive computer which is Very Cool (although difficult to buy secret presents on).

Anyway, the nature of this post is birth.

The birth of Mr Rex was not straight forward, of course it wasn't, I mea, was it ever going to be with Steve and me at the helm? And, I would like to share the story of it with you. I do, however, understand that not all of you will want to read about me in labour (although we ended with a c section so there will be little talking of vjay-jays) so I will be posting the story in a separate section of the blog. I am still trying to work out how to create such a section so bear (bare?) with me.

I do, however, have to tell you the most brilliant bit of giving birth. It was not hearing my newborn son's cries for the first time, no, that went more like this:

Doctor: He's here!

Me: He is? Really?

Steve: Yes! Can't you hear him crying?

Me: No!

Nurse: There! Did you hear that cry?

Me: No!

Surgeon: He's crying! Can you hear him?

Me: Maybe I could if you all stopped asking me!


Me: I still can't hear him!

Steve: There, that little squeek then. That's him!

Me: I thought that was a dog!

Steve: A dog? We are in an operating theatre! Logically, why would there be a dog here?

Me: It is 11pm on a Bank Holiday Monday and I just signed a consent form giving permission for a man I have never met to slice me in two. Logic is not playing a huge part of my day.

No, this is the really brilliant part.

After they got the baby out and I had kissed him, they gave him to Steve and Steve sat just by my head on the right while they finished my surgery. When you have a caesarian, they make you lie with you arms out to your sides, like you are on a cross, and, while in this position, I was clutching a tissue in my right hand. Suddenly,

Steve: Liv, do you have a tissue?

Me: Yes, for some reason I am still holding this one from the labour room.

Steve: Great, I am really hot so could you mop my brow?

I reached up, behind my head and dabbed at Steve's head. While I was still being operated on.

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