Thursday, 8 November 2012

Night time

I remember the night as it used to be. It had too forms, occasionally it was a delicious time of drink and dancing, kissing and laughing but mainly it was purely wondrous; sleep and slumber and dreaming and cosying. It was magical.

In later August this, of course, all changed.

This little boy arrived.

And from then on, it became a time of awakeness. Not that I particularly minded, offspring have some sort of power which makes you happy to see their little faces, even at 3am.

As the nights wore on I came up with things to fill the time while the boy was feeding; suduko puzzles failed - too much brain power for that early plus require a light, likewise, reading was not an option.

TV and wandering round the house have become my preferred tactics (mainly the former as it can be done from bed), and, from these activities, I have discovered a multitude of things that I never knew before.

1) Some TV channels still stop broadcasting after about 3am. I know!

2) E4 shows all kinds of wonderful comedies in the middle of the night, back to back Big Bang Theory, old One Tree Hill, The War at Home, Home Improvement and According to Jim.

3) Night time is v v lonely, you will feel that you are the only person in the world so you will look out of the window in the hope of seeing a light on in a house. Instead you will see the swarthy figure of a man walking down your street in a long black coat. You will momentarily feel comforted, 'Hooray! Another human being!', you will think and then you will wonder, what is a man doing walking down your quiet village street at 4am on a Tuesday? He must be a murderer! Or a vampire! Yes, he is definitely a vampire! Vampires always wear long black coats and stride with purpose, you have seen it time and time again on Buffy! You then realise that you are standing gawping at him at a window with only a 9 week old baby for protection, so you duck under the windowsill, waking said baby.

4) They show Monday night American football very early on a Tuesday morning. I like the New England Patriots especially one of their linebackers Dont'a Hightower, mainly for his name.

5) Nothing happens on facebook between 1am and 7am unless it is a Friday or Saturday night, then there will be a flurry of drunken activity around 2.30am.

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