Thursday, 15 November 2012

And so it starts

Rex watched the England game with Steve.

It went something like this:

Steve: We are the ones in white Rexy. Yep. White.

Rex: Oooaahhh.

Steve: No baby boy. Sweden are shit.

Rex: Aaaaooooo.

Steve: I know Rex, that is Joe Hart. Mummy fancies him but then mummy fancies a lot of people.

Rex: Raaaraaa.

Steve: Exactly Rex. That's Ashley Young. He is appalling. What do we say? A-pall-ing.

Rex: Eeeeeeee!

Steve: That is what I said! How he plays for England is beyond me.

Rex: Whurrrrrrrrrrr.

Steve: I know. I may switch over.

Rex: Hic. Hic.

Steve: Now don't be petulant and get the hiccups. This is the start of a long and disappointing road for you. It is the curse of being an England fan.

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