Saturday, 17 November 2012

And he is doomed

In my quest to get out more and not live like a hermit, I took Rex to the local mother and baby group. It was great, we sat, we chatted, we ate cake; what is not to like?

We came to the part of the session where it was 'song time'. We all gathered in a room and sang the customary nursery rhymes. There was Polly Put the Kettle On, Miss Polly Had a Dolly, Happy and You Know It and The Wheels on the Bus. Rex beamed the whole way through, he was charm personified, there were even giggles.

Then the nice woman organiser announced it was time for the church songs. They started with My God is So Good. Rex started to cry. As soon as we got to Jesus Loves Me, he was in full on scream.

The nice woman announced it was bible story time.

Rex stopped crying.

'Jesus spent 40 long nights...' the woman read.

Rex yawned and went to sleep.

The dirty little heathen.

It is tiring work being a devil child

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Peridot said...

Good for Rex - secularism all the way!