Saturday, 29 December 2012

Never fear, I've changed it now

Motherhood does strange things to you.

In recent months I have realised that I can not only survive but totally function on 3 hours sleep a night, that baby sick can be successfully dabbed off most things without showing and that singing the muppet show theme tune in a ridiculously high pitched voice will shut my son up (as will wild applause; he's my boy alright).

But it also makes you dippy as hell.

A year ago I was able to talk on a range of subjects with no issue.... current affairs, world events, the merits of a variety of different cheese based snacks (mini cheddars or wossits... hmmm....) and then Rex arrived.

I had always heard of baby brain but had been dubious, not that I would have publicly said that, but it was always something that would happen to other people.

And then one morning, around 8 weeks after the boy arrived, I found myself sitting on my bed after a shower with only one shaved leg.

I had stepped in the shower, lathered up, shaved my right leg and got out. Evidently I wanted to keep leftie slightly fuzzy.

Which brings me to today when I was buying a paper in the newsagent and I suddenly remembered,

'Cheesecake42! That is my blogger password!'

And so I return to you, full of posts to come about Christmas, babies and why you should never put cheese in a dishwasher.

Just you wait.

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padster2012 said...

please tell us you have changed the password to your blog and not had another baby brain mommemt and told the whole word your password!