Friday, 11 January 2013

My many talents

Did you know that I once did a course on West Greenlandic? It is one of the more useless subjects I studied. The classes were vagually hysterical. I was once made to sing a West Greenlandic song about a man who kills a black seal and takes it home to his wife but she doesn't like it so he goes back and kills a white one instead.

The chorus went : And he hit and he hit till the baby seal was smashed.

The whole course proved quite amusing, we were also told a joke:
There are two men.
One man says to the other:
'Do you speak Serbo-Croation?'
The other replies:
'I'm not sure, I don't try often'
Apparently this joke is hilarious in West Greenland. The text book had chapters entitled 'On the sheep farm' and 'Birds, seals and whales'.

We are currently considering it as our first family holiday destination. A hoot and a half it will be.

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