Sunday, 13 January 2013

My political career

OK, so the phrase goes that you shouldn't discuss policitics and money.


I'm going ignore that.

As you may have gathered, I am incredibly liberal. My parents (all three of them) have always been liberal. In every way.

Pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro equal rights, pro everything that is right.

See there I go already - I can't help it, I know (read believe) that all of the above is right. As we have established, sometimes (read always), I struggle to see how anyone else can believe any different. I mean, when something as simple as equal rights for all people who are in love how can anything else be right?

So when I was watching a repeat of The Daily Show the other night (which I love by the way) I came accross a clip of Sarah Palin.

Seriously, is there a more unpleseant and toxic person in the world?

I mean Bush, granted, but Palin also has the added bonus of being insane.

Why did anybody ever listen to her in the first place. Lets face facts, this is a woman that called her daughter Bristol. With a straight face. Then she called her son Trigg.

End of story.

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