Monday, 8 August 2011

Because I can't hold it in any longer

Before I start, I want to say that usually illustrate a piece like this with photos. But I'm not going to. This doesn't need or warrent the pictures.

The riots that we are seeing at the moment are truly awful. They are scary and disgusting and something that makes me ashamed of the people that I call fellow citizens of this country I call home.

There is a lot wrong.

The riots are a lot wrong.

I think we all agree on that.

What we don't agree on, and what has become a lot more apparent to me in the last 24 hours, is that the methods that people think should be employed to solve this issue aren't the same.

All evening I have been bombarded by twitter posts and online newspaper commenters and facebook statuses, detailing how stupid our government is, how stupid our police are, how stupid our armed forces are.

Now, as a pretty opinionated liberal, I will never be the first to stand up and defend a conservative Prime Minister or government. I know there is a whole lot wrong with our system, with our parliament and with their actions.

But when I see, what I generally deem intelligent acquaintances, post messages such as:

"Cameron is flying home. What a noble gesture. Dick."


"Why aren't the police doing anything? Tear gas the lot of them"

I want to say one thing:

What do you want them to do?

Honestly, how would you solve this?

I don't like Cameron, he wears too many blue ties, but what can he do? What do you expect him to do? Will he stop it all by himself? By him cancelling (his earned) holiday, all it has done is show all of these rioters that their actions are getting results, they are making the news and influencing people, very powerful people, to change their plans. Very basically, giving them what they want.

The whole thing is so sad, so stupid and so confused. You are dealing with children, sometimes out of control, always confused, always lost. They are cowardly little kids, making gun shapes with their hands while hiding behind their scarves.

And 'nuking them all' or 'shooting the cunts' or whatever else you want to say, is not going to do anything. All it will do is insight hate and anger and more badness.

Yes, it needs stopping, and no, I don't know how. But screaming for them to be 'dealt with' won't help. Supporting our police and government, at least for now, is where I would start.

I have no idea whether I am right or wrong or completely misguided and idiotic on this. Please weigh in either way. x


Linz M said...

I agree with you - I've no clue what the answer is, clearly something needs to be done.. I'm just glad I'm not the person having to make that decision.

It sickens me to see mindless idiots destroying people's homes and livelihoods.

I just hope they get caught and punished and it stops soon. I'm not a Cameron fan either and I most certainly don't envy him today.

Peridot said...

Yeah, not loving Cameron either. Or even liking, come to that. So who DOES love him? Come on, someone voted for him!

But we are where we are and I agree, we shouldn't be looking to do the usual British media thing of trying to find someone to blame but rather to sort things out.