Monday, 15 August 2011

I was very brave today

Remember this?

Yep. She's back.

I am going to hold my hands up right now and tell you all something - I am a hoarder.

Actually I am beyond a hoarder as I seem to give actual human traits to my possessions. Which is why I feel unable to throw anything out - they will be sad that I no longer want them.

Now, right now, I know you will be thinking two things:

1) She is a bit coo-coo-cachu (you would be right)


2) Oh, she means with things like soft toys and little freebie figure things - things that are meant to evoke human emotions.

No I don't. I mean things like books, clothes, old mobile phones, empty moisturiser bottles....

I know, there is something very wrong with me.

Crazy Livy on her hen do last year

I mean, last week a note came through our door from our apartment block's management team, they have noticed that the storeroom is becoming full of bikes and they are now implementing a register system. You need to register your bike by the end of August; any unregistered bikes after this will be taken to the tip.

I immediately thought that I must register my old bike that is happily chained up in there, I mean, it would be just hideous if it got taken away. I will point out now that I have owned this bike since I was 14. And last rode it four years ago. And its gears don't work. And one of the tyres is consistently flat.

They would be doing me a favour to take it away for free.

And yet, the thought of that - my poor little purple bike being pulled from its little storeroom spot and chucked in a dump, all the time it wondering where I was and why I hadn't saved it - makes me want to cry. (See, KERAZY LIVY).

But today, when I got home, I tackled our bedroom. And I got rid of lots. Lots and lots. It was a bloodfest; out went niknaks, old magazines, cute but broken jewellery and even... wait for it....


Including my sparkley, glittery converse with holes in. And my rainbow kitten heels. And my ten year old black mary janes that pinch so much that I have only worn them once.

A very big Livy step. x

See, I've always been crazy

ps still not sure on the bike though

pps having written those shoes down... I have the biggest urge to go and retrieve them from the outside bin...

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Peridot said...

I always feel bad throwing out the Christmas tree - poor thing, we've had it cut down, festooned it and made it the centre of attention then we strip it naked and throw it away. I feel bad right now.