Monday, 8 August 2011

Some news

Yep ladies and gentlemen.... it is that sort of time.... announcement time! And I have big, big news.


Deep breath.....


I am divorcing Steve.

Shocking right? I mean, all was perfect, all was rosy, I envisaged a long and happy future together, full of laughter, country cottages and pink cheeked, cherubic babies. But no. All is lost.

Because of what he did.

You won't believe this, I know you won't.

I mean, Steve seems so amazing in this blog right? So perfect and funny and kind. He would never hurt me at all or disappoint me at all would he? He would never break my heart.

But he did.

And I can hardly even type for the pain but... last night, when taking through the used bowls from our delicious creamy bacon pasta tea, I discovered something so awful, so heartbreaking that I can still hardly believe it.

The pan, from which the scrummy pasta concoction had been served, was in the sink, with a little soapy water in it to soak and in that water were BITS OF BACON!

Yes, my husband, when serving tea, had left the yummiest bits of bacon in the pan and then tarnished them with washing up liquid and lukewarm water making them inedible.


So, I really don't have a choice do I? I mean, what if he did the same with the cookie dough bits of the Ben and Jerry's? Or the fatty bit of the steak? Or the cheesey bit of the pizza?

Still, 23 weeks and 2 days is a fair run...

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Rebecca said...

I love getting the RSS feed for your blog it doesn't half make me giggle.

P.S. If wasting the best part of a meal isn't solid grounds for divorce then I don't what is. My husband would be single quicker than he could say bacon bits if that were to happen in my household.

Rebecca x