Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hoochy Livy...

Now, I am a bit of a hooch, I'll admit it.

And when recently Steve had the opportunity to get free JLS tickets, I was very excited. I mean, what would be better than me, a super hot 27 year old, going to a concert of four super hot 21 year olds?

And then I thought some more and came to a conclusion:

Steve: So, are we getting the tickets K*?

Me: No.

Steve: Why? They are free!

Me: It just won't end well. The only result is humiliation for you.

Steve: Do I want to know.... OK, why?

Me: Well, I will either sleep with one of them, especially the small one that does backflips or I will turn into a crazy old lady who gushes over them and makes a complete fool of herself. Either way it is bad for you.

There is a pause. Then...

Steve: And you think they would sleep with you because....

Me: I'm a tasty treat of course!

Tasty I tell you!
* Did I tell you that Steve called me K? I didn't? He does! x

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