Thursday, 13 October 2011

Beautiful October

So this has been my busiest month ever. Like ever.

October is always my favourite month, I love everything about it. There is something about the weather and the air that makes is just perfect. I get the tingles and, when I get the tingles, it must be special.

This month has been an adjustment. As I mentioned before, the Steve has started a degree course that is taking up two nights a week and I have started a sign language course (that rocks by the way, just wait for a super geeky post of that in the next few weeks) that is taking up another so that leaves us with a lot less time together than we are used to.

We are getting there but, remember Livy-the-Smut? Well she is returning, simply because of the lack of time to do a thing!

It is a bit of a struggle right now but it is, and will be, totally worth it. However... add in a hen do, a half marathon (not me but the amazing Kaz - again, more on that in the coming weeks), a house warming and a wedding and that makes for a busy Livy month.

But right now, it is Hull Fair time which means new gloves, churros, brandy snap and cinder toffee!

The bumpers. Me heart. And I took this picture on my actual phone!

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