Friday, 28 October 2011

If he could name all the animals

Steve came in today with one question:

"Why is a fly called a fly? I mean, other things fly don't they? Birds and stuff?"

While I pondered this philosophical quandary he continued:

"And for that matter why isn't there a Walk? Or a Swim? Or a Jump? Or a Drowned?"

At this point, feeling an epic rant coming on, I interjected,

"What would be a Drowned baby?"

Quick of a flash he responded,

"Something at the bottom of the sea of course! And there should be a Still! For like crustaceans that don't move and stuff! That is how all the animals should be named! I mean...."

Suddenly Rihanna came on the tv. Steve stops, he pauses, he stares, then,

"A little shouty Ri-Ri. Wow, I would make an excellent X Factor judge."

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