Thursday, 16 April 2009

My 57

For lack of anything else to post, and because I've seen a lot of people do this and loved reading their lists, here are 57 random facts about moi:
1. I love cheese.
2. My cheese tooth is out of control.
3. My favourite color is black.
4. Since black isn't a colour, my real favourite is green.
5. And orange.
6. I have a sister and two brothers.
7. I'm older than all of them.
8. I am fiercely protective of my family.
9. I organise my food shopping by category at the tills (frozen stuff together, dairy together, meat together, non-perishables together, non-food items together, etc.).
10. It drives me crazy when the cashier mixes up my categories.
11. I get really annoyed when I see the '7 items or less' signs at the supermarket. Do they not know it should be '7 items or fewer'?
12. I am deathly afraid of beavers.
13. I can't watch Lady and the Tramp because of this fear.
14. I would like you to know that the fear is not irrational. Beavers are the size of a three year old and can chew through tree trunks. I can't think of many things scarier than that.
15. I always touch the ceiling when coming down stairs.
16. I don't have any first cousins.
17. I have LOTS of second cousins.
18. I don't really know what second cousins are.
19. I never go to bed without washing my face and brushing my teeth. NEVER.
20. When I was at university I kept 50p on my person at all times in case I needed to buy a Toffee Crisp.
21. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.
22. S has a pretty low tolerance for pain.
23. If he reads this, he will get mad and say "that's not true!"
24. He won't read this.
25. My children are named already.
26. My biggest hangup with not having children for a few years is my fear that someone else will use the names I've picked, and think that I copied them when I use the names.
27. Seriously.
28. I once played the Mayor of Munchkinland in The Wizard of OZ.
29. I was once in the Vagina Monologues at uni.
30. I was the one that faked 52 orgasms on stage.
31. I got a standing ovation every night.
32. This made my boyfriend at the time very nervous.
33. In my university Spanish class, I set the record for saying the Spanish alphabet the fastest.
34. I'd bet anyone £5 that my record has not been broken yet.
35. It was the only thing I was good at in that class as everyone else was doing Spanish degrees and I was doing Linguistics.
36. Even though I have A-Levels in French and German and a GCSE in Spanish, I can't speak any of them properly.
37. I wish I could.
38. I occasionally tell people I can indeed speak all three when I want to feel clever.
39. This has backfired on a number of occasions. Not least in a job interview.
40. I was the last girl that two guys kissed before their gap years.
41. I promised them both I wouldn't go out with anyone else while they were gone.
42. I lied.
43. I try really hard not to be critical of people's spelling, grammar, and pronunciation mistakes.
44. It doesn't work.
45. I wish I was nicer.
46. I'm lazy.
47. I think height is the single most attractive physical trait.
48. That doesn't mean I think short people are ugly.
49. I think men have it FAR easier than we do, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.
50. However, to be a guy I'd have to give up the life I have now and
51. I would never do that.
52. I am the most superficially judgmental person you will ever meet.
53. I am the least actually judgmental person you will ever meet.
54. I was once voluntarily electrocuted. Twice.
55. If there is music on and I am left alone in a room, I am guaranteed to get up and dance and mime.
56. I always get caught.
57. I love my life (at least 80% of the time).


Patrick said...

"I organise my food shopping by category at the tills (frozen stuff together, dairy together, meat together, non-perishables together, non-food items together, etc"
I do this too its perfectly normal and those who don,t are odd balls
your the bigest girl and have a very low pain threshold!!

Livy said...

I have a very high pain threshold thank you very much. I will prove this by telling the electrocution story next blog!