Tuesday, 7 April 2009

On condiments and expertise

There are certain qualities, I think, that define bloggers. Not all bloggers maybe, but many of them. I've surmised that as a general rule, people who blog are opinionated, have a wide range of interests, and are very talkative under the right circumstances. I'd even go so far as to say that many bloggers are a touch narcissistic (totally including myself here), which leads me to another of the defining qualities, one which may not apply to every person who has a website but which CERTAINLY applies to me.

I think I'm always right.

Seriously, I am only exaggerating a really really little bit here. It is a huge, HUGE challenge for me to see other sides, to consider other opinions valid. When one of my best friends told me she likes Will and Grace better than Friends, I yelled at her. Really yelled. And I may even have choked up a little bit, with real tears, because she wouldn't listen to me and she was SO, SO WRONG. And it's just wrong to be that wrong.

I am mortally offended (MORTALLY. OFFENDED.) by those who say they prefer salad cream to mayonnaise. And I say 'say' because truly, I don't believe they do like salad cream better. They're just pretending, to push my buttons.

Same goes for those who prefer their steaks well-done . . . they just haven't had a good steak. In spite of the many lively debates I've had on the subject with various friends, I maintain that no one in their right mind would ever PREFER a well-done steak to one that's pink in the middle.

Sometimes I learn that I was wrong, for instance my ex boyfriend Tim used to say that eating sweet things gave him headaches and made him dizzy and zapped his energy and other nonsense. This made me very angry as it meant we never had icecream and I fought with him about it endlessly, telling him it was all in his head and if he would just eat ANOTHER cookie, the headache would go away and he would get more energy, and so on and so on.

And then he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which made him, technically, right.

And yet I STILL argued with him about those things. Even after he got a MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. Because I know more than doctors, that's why. Med school, schmed school.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I know I'm obnoxious and drive my friends and relatives crazy. . . so, when I post stuff on here that makes me look like I'm a self-righteous, intolerant prat with a big old bloated ego, well, that's because I am one.

And you should tell me so.