Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 9 of Maternity Leave

So... these are my towels.

It was while I was on the third round of washing/putting away today that I decided I ought to take a picture as they are so pretty in their mix of colours.

Alas, I am not like the co-ordinated ones amongst you whose towels are all the same. Mine are eclectic. I am certainly not like my lovely Aunty Joan who's whole bathroom is a deep turquoise, chosen specifically to go with her favourite Radox (she also marks each day of the week with a different alcoholic beverage, just one of the reasons she is my hero at 87 years of age).

Coincidentally, it was also during this third round of washing/putting away that I realised I really want this baby to come now as I may be going a bit insane. I mean, I have just done an entire blog post on my towels....

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