Friday, 17 August 2012

This is what our evenings have come to

We were watching Midsummer Murders. We are rock and roll like that. This particular episode featured old Barnaby (still my fave over new) investigating the murder of an orchid collector (of course) and, to get help with some Latin translation, he employed the skills of a local monk. It is all happening in Midsummer isn't it?

Anyway, the appearance of this monk prompted Steve into thought...

"A monk! This must be an old one. We don't have monks anymore do we? I wonder why they died out?"

"Died out? They aren't a species! Anyway, there are still monks and nuns."

Steve, as usual, didn't believe me.

"No Liv, there aren't. They got rid of all the monks and their monkeries."

"Do you mean monasteries by any chance?"

"No. Monkeries. Where monks live. Monasteries are those ruined castle buildings with only half walls and no roofs."

"No, monasteries are where monks live. Some of them are ruins. Monkeries aren't anything."

"Doesn't matter - they don't exist anymore anyway. I refuse to believe it, there are no longer monks pottering about in brown robes beekeeping or anything."

Ten minutes later, with the help of Google, I had proved that yes, monks still existed, that there was, in fact, a monastery in Leicestershire with real life monks whose daily activities included beekeeping.

I gloated for a while until Steve also used Google to prove that a monkery was another accepted term for a monastery.

It doesn't make it better that we did this in the same living room on separate computers does it?

Cooler than cool, we are.

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