Thursday, 16 August 2012

I went to Asda

I mooched around, finding my items and headed to the tills.

While packing, the lady asked me when I was due,

"Two days ago," I cheerfully replied, popping some bagels into my bag.

She looked panicked,

"Umm... errr... two days ago? As in Tuesday?! Do you want to sit down?"

"I'm fine, honestly," I smile.

"Really though," she continues, "shouldn't you be at home, sitting, waiting?"

"I did that yesterday and all I achieved was feeling incredibly down and cross and bored with nothing to do. So today I have come here and stocked up on fun things to do," I point to the items I am packing, "I figure that, if I give myself interesting tasks; cookies to bake, films to watch, magazines to read, then the baby will come just as I start them. Sod's law and all that."

She blinks at me.

"Plus I needed toothpaste."


Anonymous said...

Go out for posh fish and chips and a glass of wine. Go home have sex even though its the last thing in the world you want and hey presto ... thats how i got mine started ... well that and possibly the reflexology i had in the morning.

Good luck, being a mummy is both the hardest and most brilliant thing i have ever done. x

Lottie said...

i love that the woman was obviously panicing that you were going to have it there and then.

not long now :)