Tuesday, 2 February 2010

And you think your night time shenanigans are exciting....

Please note, this is not me, I obviously look much more radiant and snoggable when sleeping. Although I do like the jim jams.

Something strange happened in bed last night.
No not that! Dirty readers!

No, firstly, I slept well, it was IMMENSE. I love it when I have a good nights sleep, it was perfect. I woke once, looked at the clock, found it was 2.21am and happily drifted back into slumber, knowing that I had another four hours sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6.31am (I always set my clock for an irregular time; I feel I am getting more sleep that way). I dreamily hit the snooze button and dozed away, safe in the knowledge that my alarm would buzz again in approximately eight minutes.

And that is when it all went weird.

I suddenly awoke, aware that Steve was getting up.

I glanced at the clock and asked why Steve was getting up, it was only 7.02, he could stay in bed at least for another fifteen minutes without too much stress. He replied that it was in fact, 7.30.

No, I say, indignant. And I show him my clock.

We both stare at it, confused for a second, the clock, which went off reliably at 6.30, now states the time as 2.02am.

Will it do it tomorrow? What is it doing? Who has possessed my clock?!

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