Friday, 26 February 2010

Nearly there

Today I go to my Doctor to see if I can go back to work next week. I am very much hoping that he says I can, I didn't ever think I would say this but I am desperate to fill my time with something other than daytime tv, reading and lying down.

I have discovered that there are many reasons why work is good...
  • Today is Friday, I do not have the Friday Feeling, this is not just because I can't move much, no, it is because that when every day is the same, Friday is just another day. There is absolutely no anticipation for the weekend, no excitement when you get to Thursday, no giddiness when you realise it is 4pm on Friday (well, actually there is a little bit because it means that Deal or No Deal is about to start...), it is simply another day of the same thing.
  • I will stop talking to my tv, myself and inanimate objects. Yesterday I yelled at my cushion as it kept slipping down behind my back and it hurt to move it back. This must stop for my own sanity.
  • I will have something else to talk about with Steve other than Jeremy Kyle, Rikki Lake and how depressing my book is.
Of course none of this matters too much, when back at work I will still be limited. I can't walk far and when I do I walk super slowly, I can't move easily, I struggle to sit down, to stand up, to do anything exciting at all. I am desperate to do all the things I used to, go to dinner, dance and, hell, even work out! I am told that it will just take some time for my muscles to heal and reattach themselves. A month, two months.

Here is hoping that it will be a month and that this time next week I will be struggling to sit down at work rather than at home!

ps a year today people! x

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