Monday, 22 February 2010

I have an obsession


I could have blogged a long time ago about this but I assumed that, like most of my obsessions, it would fade within a few weeks but no. No. No.

I am still in love with Glee.

The everything of it. The music, the dancing and most of all the hilarity of the whole thing.

There is also one thing I love, possibly more than the rest of it combined... Puck.

He is SCRUMMY, I even love his admittedly dodgy hair. And when he sung Sweet Caroline, a decidedly awful, sickly and all round poor song? I loved him more!

When I was at school there was no Glee Club and there was no boy like Puck (granted I went to an all girls school but still). And now I am engaged, if there is a God (I am still open to ideas on that one..) then he must be testing me...

Steve is working late all next week, would it be totally wrong to take the wedding fund, fly to LA, find Puck, bring him back and keep him in the spare room...?

Answers on a postcard.

Oh just one more... what the hell.

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