Friday, 19 February 2010

Livy's burning

There is a reason for the lack of postage. On Saturday night I was in a house fire and jumped forty feet out of the window to escape.
Ridiculous I know. It has got to the point that I don't really believe it myself, while I can remember a lot of it, it seems like a story I have heard or seen on television.

My life motto of 'It is fine because it has to be fine' is serving me well; there were four of us in there and we all got out, three of us are walking wounded, bruised and battered but fine and the fourth, while still in hospital, is recovering well and will be fine in the long term. My friend's flat is a mess but it could have been a lot worse. There are several what ifs... if the bathroom door had been open, if the kitchen door had been closed, if we hadn't have been there and she had been there by herself, if the neighbours hadn't acted so quickly. It goes on and on.

I am up and down, my back is slightly screwed up, as is my left leg and there is something up with my neck. But we are all very lucky. The police, firemen and paramedics couldn't believe we weren't more hurt.

So now I'm at home, still slightly smelling of smoke (maybe the fourth hair wash will be the charm) and discovering more things I can't do (today's revelations include wrapping my hair in a towel and putting socks on).

Tomorrow I am going to see my friend in hospital; I can't wait to see her but am slightly apprehensive about travelling as well. Everything tires me out. I have been assured that this won't last very long, that this will be over soon but it is definitely dragging.

It is quite frustrating not to be able to help everyone.

Still, everything will be fine because it has to be fine... except right now it is not.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that is the most shocking thing I have read all day. I went on fire training last year and it scared the hell out of me. People dont realise how fast it is! Glad you are all OK.

Anonymous said...

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