Monday, 8 February 2010


Valentine's Day, schmalzy made up holiday that has been designed to make us spend money?


Lovely excuse to have a nice meal, exchange cards and buy underwear you usually wouldn't dream of?


I got to talking with friends about the 14th and was surprised (and for the over-sensitive bit of me, hurt) that most saw it as the former.

For me, that is sad. I know, I know, you should celebrate your love all year round, you shouldn't have to have one day to force you into buying your loved one a card etc... and I agree, you should show your love and romantic side all year round.

But why not use it as an excuse for a love in? Why not take the opportunity to buy a bottle of fizzy, have a scrummy meal and pash (fyi, I am bringing that back after watching Charlene and Scott's wedding in Neighbours... I am considering asking the registrar to say, 'You may now pash the Bride' when we get married)? Why not decide that you want to spend that day with your loved one/ones (Livy doesn't judge...), together?

Because, yes, while we all have the chance to show them how much they mean to us every day, do we...?

What do you think? Have I been overcome by Cupid's arrow and hearts and am talking crap? Opinions please!

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