Friday, 12 March 2010

For the love of all that is quacky

I am having trouble sleeping. That is that I did not sleep at all on Sunday night, on Monday night, on Tuesday night, on Wednesday night. I mean literally not at all. My head is too full of fires, of escaping, of business and stuff that I can't describe. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not scared when thinking of these things (well once... but that was a pretty specific thing), my head is just... full... and busy.... and just too complex.

So, night after night after night, I have just laid there, thinking, obsessing, trying very hard to sleep but never quite achieving it. Suffice to say I am quite a mess at the moment, I am uncoherant, tired, confused.

Last night, I was so tired that, after an hour of lying there, resigned to the fact that this night would be like every other, I drifted off, pure exhaustion took over and I slipped into blissful, needed slumber.

At 1.02am I awoke. There was a noise. Since the fire I am somehow super aware of alien noises and smells, I sat upright, suddenly alert. I located the noise to outside my window, content that it was not a burgler/fire/murderer/evil clown coming to get me, I gingerly peered out to the river beneath.

It was a duck.

A sodding duck.

In all the madness of the last month, I had somehow forgotten that spring is Duck Time. All the boys ducks are trying to shag the girl ducks, chasing them around and annoying them all night long. It is basically like a Year 11 school disco.

This leads to ducks of either sex squarking and honking and basically being incredbily noisy.

So now I have another reason not to sleep.


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