Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My thought of the day

I really, really want to be a Gilmore Girl. I mean, they seem to have so much fun, they talk fast plus you could be called Rory - an EXCELLENT name for a girl, plus she is the hotness. Yes, that is my new aim.

ps. loving the four day week! Bring on the chocolate, roast chicken and new potatoes! Not all together.


FD said...

I just discovered this blog via Rock my Wedding and am reading my way back through all your entries (which I have much love for in general!) but I had to comment on this one because I have NEVER come across anyone else who even knows about Gilmore Girls.

I discovered it a couple of years ago and became strangely addicted to it (a similar addiction to my Diagnosis Murder one)!

Livy said...

I love it! And seriously am trying to persuade Steve into the name Rory for any future girls. He is not so keen!

Anonymous said...

I too love the Gilmore Girls and quite frankly want to live anywhere called Stars Hollow.

P.S. Am also here because of the fabulous RMW and am readying through your old posts. I just spat my tea all over my Fiance after reading that you've lost faith in the human race because a 6 year old doesn't like chips. Am totally with you!