Tuesday, 23 March 2010

His obsession with adverts continues - Part 1

A treat for you, this will be the first of three updates this afternoon detailing the lovely Mr Steve's vocal appreciation of adverts, all of which occured last night. Yep.

All your Christmases have come at once eh?

So installment one:

We are watching Glee (YEY!!). It goes to the break. While I, a normal person, drift off into a little fantasy about Puck, Steve stares intently at the screen.

Advert narrator: Have spots? Tried everything? Now try something different!

Steve: If you have tried everything then how can you try something different.

The ad continues, the go to 'real people' who have tried the product and loved it.

Red haired girl: I had tried everything (cue loud cough from Steve) when someone told me to try the new Clearasil programme. It is amazing, I feel totally fantastic.

Steve: Shame you're still ugly then.

Pop in at 3pm for Part 2

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