Monday, 29 March 2010

Oh he's a Love Machine

Hello faithful readers, how are your Mondays? As a quick aside, doesn't that phrase make an awesome euphemism for boobies? I may use that from now on.

I feel I have been rather absent recently. I apologise, I have big plans to make the blog more user friendly and fun and, of course, this will involve blogging more. So yes, that is le plan.

Wedding plans are progressing well, thank you for asking! I have started the search for my dress (look out for more on this in an upcoming post), have got the photographer and even been to the florist (that was v fun, my daffodil idea did not go down well....) so the next thing on the list is bridesmaid dresses.

I want my lovelies to be super confident and happy in what they are wearing and, while I want them to look 'together' and like a group (not in a popstar way although that would also rock), it is important to me that they are individual because, well, they are.

Steve doesn't quite get this so, while he was fixated on Girls Aloud in concert, I tried to explain:

Me: Now see that is what I mean, see Girl's Aloud?

Steve: (his vision not budging) Mmmmmm

Me: See what they are wearing?

Steve: Yeeeeeeessss

Me: That is what I want for my bridesmaids.

Steve: (Turning to me for the first time) Black pvc, mini lacey outfits? (Brightening slightly) Really?

Me: No. I mean that there is a very obvious theme but they are all slightly different.

Steve: (Staring back at the screen with intent) Sssssh, the girls are dancing.


Slice of Pie said...

Bagsie being Cheryl!

vikihalo said...

OMG - I had the exact same brief. I said to the lovely Naomi Neoh "I want my BMs to look like a girl band... not the same dress, but the same kind of dress.. Like Girls Aloud, like they employed the same stylist but all got their own "style2 and "personality" across!"

The BMs sniffed at that. But they rocked it!

We should take over the world Livvy!

Livy said...

We should! So glad I'm not the only one who thought this! xx