Monday, 19 July 2010

For I am in love


Do you love them?

I do. A life long obsession.

My mum tells a story of when I was 2 years old, she had taken me on the train to South Wales to see my Grandpa and Nana. We pulled into Cardiff station, we saw my grandparents on the platform waiting for us and my Mum let me run to them while she struggled with the buggy and bags.

By the time she got to us, I was finishing a long, babbley story, my Nana and Grandpa listening intently:

"So Gwanpa, I weally need new twainers, pink ones with lights on dem. Mummy said no."

And off we went to Clarks, my mum in disgrace for not getting me them sooner.

See, instant shoe love, even as a toddler.

I have many, many pairs now, mainly heels, there is nothing so beautiful or seductive to me.

My two current favourites, other than the two wedding pairs of course, are these:

Although I nearly break my neck every time I wear them....

And these:

Which are even more beautiful without the tights... but it was December and snowy and icy...

Your favourite pairs?


Peridot said...

Ah shoes. Alas, I have a shoe handicap - I have hyper-mobile ankles that mean if I put on anything approaching a 4" heel I instantly fall over and sprain my ankle. Yep, I don't even have to walk. So this restricts me sadly and severely. I do have a 3 3/4" pair, very 1950s style peep-toe suede. I have to clutch fiance and not move AT ALL but they are very pretty to sit in.

Peridot said...

Do you know how I contact Mad Hatter Bride to carry on reading her blog?

Livy said...

You must indulge in bags then, non?

No idea how to contact Mad Hatter, I can't read her blog either! Will see if I can find an email address somewhere.

Mad Hatter, if you are reading this, please can we read your blog? x

ShoppingAddict said...

Love the 1st ones- Sexy!! :) <3! x

Becca said...

I love shoes! But my feet don't. A high-heel-meets-grate incident actually brought my lovely man and me together, so clearly not a bad thing, but I'm having to do some serious training for the wedding shoes, which are hot pink :)

claire said...

Gah! Coundn't possibly narrow it down as have so many to chose from.

Am sitting here in wedding shoes and socks at this very moment attempting to make them a bit less painful!

Stefania said...

Ohhh....Once upon a time I was reading Mad Hatter's blog too and I thought I had dreamed of her blog because I could find it anymore...I also thought it might have been the bathroom water effect!