Monday, 12 July 2010

My dress

I have her.

And she is BEAUTIFUL.

OK, technically I don't have her yet, but she has been ordered. As a quick aside, why do dresses take so long to arrive? I mean, 10th July, order lovely dress, estimated arrival of dress at the shop... December.


Like an entire different season!

Anyway, back to my new crush.

I had narrowed it down to three, all at the same shop. And, when we got there, I was super clear that I only wanted to try on those three.

So, Player Number 1: Sonya, Maggie Sottero.

She is lovely, no denying it. All layers of chiffon and a teensy bit of sparkle. She was always the outsider but I felt worth one more chance. But as I put her on, and the assistant laced me in, something wasn't right.

Sonya wasn't right.

I showed her to my lovely family who had all eagerly come with me. Previously this had been my youngest brother's favourite (yep, he is nine and my absolute style guru, this was the third dress appointment he had come to and at every one he has skillfully picked out the best dresses to try, the parts that work and the parts that don't. Honest to god - my hero.), and sure enough, as I came out, he affirmed that it was gorgeous but that I wasn't 'sparkling'.

So, on we went.

Player Number 2: Summer Royale, Maggie Sottero

Summer was the one I thought I would end up with before we went. Beautiful, elegant and classic with a fun, detachable shoulder strap meaning I could transform it day to night. She had the corset back that I love and pulls you in in all the right places.

But again, as I stood there with my hands on my hips while the lovely lady pulled me in tighter and tighter, something wasn't right.

She wasn't as perfect as I'd remembered, the strap that I'd thought was so cute now somehow seemed superfluous and silly, the super flattering suddenly seemed not so flattering.

Summer Royale wasn't right.

I dutifully presented her and everyone confirmed my thoughts. Not the nicest. They all helpfully said that Sonya was better but that made it just that little bit worse, as I knew she wasn't Her either.

Making my way into the changing room, my heart was heavy, one dress left.

Player Number Three: Well... she is Her so here lies the mystery. All I will say is that she is a Pronovias and in the 2010 collection.

And I put her on. And everything was right.

She was right.

I wore her out of the changing room and, as I showed my glorious family, they all commented on how beautiful she was, how luxurious her silk was, how understated and classic she was.

And I knew.

And my delicious nine year old boy agreed,

'Livy, this is my new favourite, you look all sparkley.'

And that is how I chose my dress.


Becca said...

Oh you tease... ;) Pronovias are just heavenly. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!

ladyfriend said...

Ah..lovely. Sounds like you've got her good and proper!! My no.2 dress was Pronovias and it was a close call. I had that "final 3" try on session experience. My "the one" was dress no.3 too. You almost don't want to try on the 3rd dress in case it's as disappointing as the previous 2 that you'd thought were serious contenders and then turn out not to be. But there's no denying it, you know when it's right. And how cute to have your 9yr old brother's sign off on it too. Love it!

Oh and agree on the wait time preposterousness on w-dresses. Really v.silly. When I was looking and came across raised eyebrows by various sales assistants at 5mths away w-day date, I struck them off my list. I mean really, I could make a friggin w-dress in that time..well..maybe not but...

Peridot said...

Hmm, do you think Gok Wan is looking for a young apprentice? A sort of fashion jedi? Because it sounds like your brother is strong in the (fashion) force....

Helen said...

Oh the wedding dress lead in time is insane! I totally agree with Ladyfriend too, I went in with 6 months to go and had the same raised eyebrows in some shops, which drove me mad.

I'm glad you had "the one" moment. I didn't, and had an awful time deciding between my three. But hey, I got there in the end and am pleased with my choice, mostly because it will allow me to eat loads of cake without exploding out of the bodice.

Christie said...

Ooooooh Pronovias, I am excited about getting closer to our wedding just so I can try on Pronovias (with Maggie coming in a close section)

Can I borrow your brother with regards to accessories please as I know I'm going to be absolutely rubbish at choosing those!

Mahj said...

Oh your brother sounds so cute. I ordered my dress at the beginning of May and wont get it till Oct. Ridiculous but so worth it!

Gaynor said...

Yay to ordering your dress; random how long they take, think mine took 4 months but that was over xmas.

I love how your brother helped!

Livy said...

He is amazing. He has even been known to do my make up on occasion and he is fab at that as well. He obviously got all the style genes as I am am RUBBISH! x