Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The world would be a better place

Without onions.

Seriously, they add nothing to the planet.

They smell and taste evil. They spoil every salad.

At the weekend we popped out to lunch, I ordered the tomato and mozzarella salad which usually comes with basil and occasionally some green leaves.


This came with shredded iceberg lettuce and hundreds of pieces of finely chopped red onions.

I ate the mozzarella and tomato.

I'll admit that they are slightly better cooked, I can put up with them in a bolognese or stir fry for example but they have to be cooked through. Even then, they are better when omitted all together.

That is it.

And you know I am right.


Peridot said...

I have strong feelings about onions myself. Firstly WHY are they in every flipping salad? They taste awful and make the consumptor (yes, yes, I know there's no such word) stink. Secondly, how did they ever enter the food chain? How did primitive man dig one up, and realise that something that is attacking his eyeballs in some sort of primitive biological warfare, might be nice to eat?

But I love them fried. I just hate cutting the buggers up since it turns me into an anaemic rabbit.

Becca said...

Woman, you are so wrong. Red onions are awesome. I appreciate that they seem to have got a little stronger in recent years, but I have them in my Subway every time. I get them to toast them with the onions already in the sub. Amazing!

As a Weight Watchers stalwart, I'm all about "free" veg, so I have spent the best part of my life adding mushrooms, peppers and onions to every meal.

Furthermore, they are brilliant at regulating bacteria in the body, and can prevent both heart disease, and stomach cancer. So there.

They do make your breath smell a bit, though. But it makes for fun re-enactments of that old Wrigley's advert: "But what about your onion breath?" "It's alright, I've got some Doublemint". Nothing quite like minty breath with undertones of onion...

anna and the ring said...

Mmmm onions. So wrong, they make everything better!