Saturday, 3 July 2010

So.... Holland?

So now my back up team are out as well.

Poor little Ghana.

It was horrific, they tried so hard and had so much passion and then stinky Uruguay come along and are hateful and mean!

So, why Ghana?

Well, firstly, they are just so lovely and enthusiastic. They want to win, there are no prima donnas and they play solid football but with flair and fun.

Secondly, they are fit. I fancy all of them, especially Kevin-Prince (and now the poor boy who missed the penalty in the last minute of extra time, Asamoah Gyan. I do that by the way, fancy people who I feel sorry for. I still have a teensy crush on Gareth Southgate which started after Euro 96. I used to hide it but sod it, I'm out and proud now!).

And lastly, I totally tear up when I think of the whole of Africa uniting behind one team. I mean, Europe would never do that, in any sport. We would never go, well, the only European team left is France so we will actively and passionately back them. Not a chance.

When Asamoah missed the penalty, I gasped. When he scored the penalty in the shoot out I cheered wildly. I watched the rest through my fingers, feeling more nervous than I have in ages.

And when, at the end, at their defeat, Asamoah sobbed on the ground, inconsolable, unable to be comforted by teammates. Blaming himself.

I sobbed too.

Am I a over emotional sap? Yes but that's why you love me.


Becca said...

OMG - agree with all of the above. Minus the fitness one - nope, sorry! Plus my Dad spent his teens living in Ghana, so I have the extra link!

Yvonne - Mad Hatter said...

Me too! Felt soooo bad for Asamoah, just wanted to go and give him a big shmooshy hug! x