Friday, 16 July 2010

Good times

Two very exciting things happened last week:

1) I made jellies.

Here (it's a pig, can you tell?):


And here (a hopefully-more-recognisable-cat):

They were scrummy.

2) As you may be aware from previous posts, my lovely flat overlooks a river. And, while innocently updating my wedding folder (my crazy life, I know), I suddenly heard many, many sirens.

Me, being way too important for little things like sirens to get my attention, ignored them until Steve rushed through, camera in hand, telling me to look out the window.

And there, swimming in the river, was a little deer.

For the next twenty minutes, we watched as no less than four fire engines, one lifeguard van and one life guard boat, tried to coax Bambi out of the water.

Eventually they succeeded and the adventure was over.

And we all lived happily ever after.


Gaynor said...

I want to make Jelly now! I lived on it for snacks when i was losing weight before the wedding and remembered why I loved it as a kid!

Glad the deer was ok!

Ciara said...

The pig looks very rude - male anatomy! Sorry, I had to say it as I nearly choked when I first saw the pic.
Glad Bambi survived.
Love your blog, keeps me chuckling!

Peridot said...

Awww, glad the mer-deer was repatriated.

Yummy jelly! I like pineapple best. And then strawberry. They do better jelly in the US but they call it jello.