Thursday, 8 July 2010

Because my Boy is a child

He is.


We have the well established tales.... here..... and here..... and here......

And then this morning, he tasted my hair product.


You read that right.


I had just got out of the shower and started with the hour long (yes, hour long, I have very thick hair) process of drying my hair. I squirt a teensey bit of my straightening product onto my hand and suddenly,

Steve: That smells amazing.... what is that?

Me: The stuff I put on my hair... here

(I shove my hands in front of his nose)

Steve: (after a big sniff) That smells brilliant... like all yummy.

Five minutes later I leave the bedroom to get my straighteners.

I return to find Steve with a disgusting look on his face.

Me: What happened?

Steve: I ate your hair stuff.

Me: What...? Why?

Steve: It smelt of Skittles.


anna and the ring said...

My boy has a hair gum (or whatever it is!) which smells like malted milk biscuits. Heaven but I've not quite got round to tasting it!

P.S. An hour!

Slice of Pie said...

Gotta love the Boy! Mine announced that he would be having a meat & potato pie sandwich for lunch, at least the hair stuff isn't too unhealthy!

Anonymous said...

Steve sounds cool.

ladyfriend said...

LOL. So typically a boy thing to do! They do amuse us these boys of ours..

Peridot said...

As a teenager, I licked my wrist to which I'd applied a liberal swipe of strawberry body oil. I couldn't quite believe it wouldn't taste as good as it smelt. It really, really didn't.

And as a small child I tipped half my mum's sweetex in my mouth, thinking they were sweets. I was discovered crawling the length of the hall, rubbing my tongue against the carpet in an attempt to get rid of the vileness.

I haven't however done anything like this as an adult!

Yvonne - Mad Hatter Bride said...

!!! Just don't buy the Radox Shower Smoothies... especially the berry one!!!

It actually does smell like you just made a smoothie then decided to rub it all over in the shower. It even has a warning on the front of the bottle which says 'Don't Eat Me'