Thursday, 26 August 2010

Can you help?

Yep, Steve and I are still (STILL!) debating the honeymoon. We have got it down to a country - the good old US of A (although I am still having pangs for Brazil....) and when we'll go. And we have even got it down to the type of holiday - multicentre - and even two out of the three locations - Hawaii and Vegas but not the third.

So this is where you come in, I am hoping that my lovely readers are well travelled and would like to share their where to gos!

Our trip will comprise of:

7 days Hawaii (at the minute we're thinking Big Island - any tips?)
3 days Vegas

Where shall the somewhere be?

We have the whole of America to chose from!

We have considered the three obvious: LA, New York and San Fransisco.

LA - I'm just not too keen on, I want 'real' America
New York was our first idea but I am just thinking, is four days enough and it is tres expensive, probably worthy of its own holiday the following year perhaps....
San Fransisco - the main contender at the moment. I have been and liked it, Steve hasn't.

But is there anywhere else?

We are open to all suggestions - Mid West? Texas? Alabama? We'll do it! But we want things to do, interesting places to go and a central location.

So come on! Any of you crazy about Memphis or Oklahoma or Salt Lake City?

Big loves x


Gaynor said...

Im afraid my vote is always New York New York; its my favourite city!

Yes you could go for longer but 4 days would be enough to see bits of it!

If not I would also have said San Fran, or how about New Orleans?

Ciara said...

I was going to suggest New Orleans too. Otherwise - you could try San diego or Monterray instead of San Fran as it's less big city, more real America but stunning California at the same time - and from San Diego you can go up to Sequoia and give Gerneral Sherman a hug!
New York is always fabulaous but you could do that anytime for a short break

Becca said...

Having just returned...

We did San Fran, Napa, 3 days down the PCH, LA and Vegas.

We HATED San Francisco - freezing cold, seriously mentally ill homeless people everywhere you turned. Chinatown was bleak and depressing. The whole place was actually quite frightening, to be honest. I know that we will never ever go back.

Napa was great fun, but a bit strange. Have you been to Pisa? It reminded me of that - fairly average, non-descript town with a MASSIVE tourist attraction. Do the wine train - it's absolutely brilliant. Actually, visit any vineyard you can - they're much more tourist-friendly than those in southern France, where you taste and you get glared at until you buy ;).

The Pacific Coast Highway was spectacular. It's easy to forget the natural beauty that America has, but when you've seen giant redwoods all the way up to the ocean, you really feel wonderfully small.

There are some gorgeous small towns like Monterey and Carmel on the route, and Hearst Castle is freakish but unmissable. If you go, stop in the town of San Simeon for a burger. I swear it's the best I have ever had.

We were immensely pleasantly surprised by LA - I expected to feel tubby and poor, and thought that I wouldn't like the shallowness. In reality it was kitsch and warm and friendly - simple fun. Everything was just so well laid-out, and it was possible to have a really enjoyable time without going too crazy with the spending.

We did the VIP tour at Universal, and saw the new Pirates sets - v. cool! Disneyland was just lovely, and they treat honeymooners well (ask for a just married button), so if you fancy being treated like honeymooners without the price tag, it's worth a look.

My advice on Vegas? Either splash out on a suite, or go as budget as possible while still being on the Strip. Have a buffet day when you don't go too far from your hotel - $30 for access all day, $10 all the beer you want on top of it.

Stay away from the footlong frozen cocktails. They look pretty and are good value but they make you feel very peculiar.

It all depends how flexible your holiday is. If your time is limited (we took the week before the wedding off, so only had two weeks away) you don't want to waste it flying from one side of the US to the other, and sitting in airport waiting rooms. That's why I'd recommend sticking to something in the general California area, and somewhere that has direct flights from the UK.

If you want any more details, do give me a shout! xx

Livy said...

You absolute diamonds! Really interesting to hear what you all recommend.

Understand what you mean with Vegas Becca - Steve is so into the Belaggio idea but it will properly cost a bomb!

At the moment we are looking into San Diego and possibly Napa and I am also daydreaming about winning the lottery and just spending 6 months hitting every state a la Stephen Fry.

It could totally happen..... xxx

Anonymous said...

I have been all over America and the most beautiful place I have been is Montana - Totally random I know and I was there for work for a month last year but I went to Yellowstone when it had just re opened following the winter and it was absolutely stunning. It is the one place I would love to go back to with my fiance.

On the more normal suggestions I love New York, San Diego, Boston and Seattle.

Good luck with the lottery win though that is what i am hoping for as we have decided to spend a couple of days in Edinburgh my Fav city and then get a cottage in Scotland in the middle of nowhere for a couple of weeks and totally chill.