Tuesday, 24 August 2010

You better comment NOW!!

I am a pretty immediate person.

If I have an idea and tell someone about it, I want them to respond with an answer straight away. I was about to say before I even tell them but that would be mightily dissatisfying wouldn't it?

Likewise, if I enquire about something, an item I am thinking of buying, a play I may want to go and see, I get extremely annoyed if the company in question doesn't immediately get back to me.

Once an idea is in my head then I want it sorted at that precise moment.

Can I come to Birmingham the weekend of the 12th?

YES I CAN.... what do you mean you have to check if it works for your other friend? I can so lets do it. NOW!

It is the reason I once ended up in Blackpool with no-one to see, the reason I once booked 12 tickets to see Fame and ended up selling 6 of them on Ebay and the reason that my inbox is currently filling up with emails from 102 different Dessy stockists regarding the prices of bridesmaid dresses (anyone want to know the most cost effective place to buy Alfred Sung styles D446-449? Email me, seriously. I have a spreadsheet.).

So, in an effort to curb this habit (because it pisses everyone off. Including me, also, just reading back, why isn't 'habit' spelt like 'rabbit'?), I decided to actively seek out things that would try my patience, things that would make me wait.

So, when browsing notonthehighstreet.co.uk, I came across something I most desperately needed: an apron with the words 'Save Water, Drink Champagne'. I immediately go to purchase it. Now here, I would usually go straight to the 'Next Day Delivery' option. But instead, I pause, I ponder and I move my mouse just a centimetre to the side and click the big button that reads Standard Delivery.

And I feel pleased. I feel all proud of myself, I am obviously nearing full maturity and adulthood. I am feeling so proud in fact that I award myself one star on my reward chart in the kitchen (current categories 'Exercising for 30 minutes' 'Not eating cheese' 'Being generally lovely' and 'Not pinching Steve' - if I get 20 stars a week then I get a chuppa chup lolly; 30 and I get a Sylvanian Families baby).

Fast forward to that evening, I am getting antsy. I have tried to tell Steve about the apron, and, apart for some droll comment about it being of no use whatsoever as I don't cook (he lies!), he seems remarkably unimpressed.

He'll eat his words tomorrow, I gleefully think.

And then I remember.

5-7 working days!

The next day, I deliberately told a colleague the truth; that I didn't need the advert sign off right away, that the deadline wasn't until the following day, that she had time to look over it. No rush.

The day after, I asked Steve if he had sorted out when he'd be finishing work on Saturday so we could go to our 6 month venue meeting. He hadn't. And I smiled sweetly and just asked if he could look into, it being only a week away.

See, progress.

Except, I am now sitting here, new apron on (I accidently called the website and pleaded with them to express it for an inordinate amount on money), emailing the venue to confirm the time after standing over Steve while he sorted out his working day. And the colleague? Yep, she's no longer talking to me after a not so patient, red marked email.


anna and the ring said...

Gosh I love now too but cannot bear the cost of express delivery! I would rather wait 2 weeks than pay for delivery.

Ebay is far far worse for me! Also amazon with one click ordering!?!?

I am a sniper buyer in shops though.

Seren said...

Sylvanian Families! The baby beavers were the absolute cutest. And why, when I read that back, does it sound like innuendo? When did the word beaver get so totally appropriated?

Anyway - I feel your pain on this issue. Next Day delivery is a very necessary evil.


Peridot said...

I have to discuss beavers at work and the boys always snigger. I don't react with so much as a flicker...

I too am all about instant gratification - it makes me feel a bit bratty but I don't seem to be able to get over it. And if I buy someone a present, I want to give it to them NOW. I literally squirm with impatience and pleasure. My advent calendar is a trial to me every year....

Anonymous said...

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