Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ever resourceful

You know how generally your fingers are slightly thinner in the winter than in the summer?

You do?


Now forget it as I, ever the freak, seem to have it in reverse.

Yep, my ring was slightly tighter when we first got engaged back in October, I never worried about it coming off. Ever.

Until now.

Recently, it seems looser, more twisty and generally more 'I-could-randomly-leap-off-your-finger-at-any-moment'.

I don't trust it. (Yep, the ring itself, trust Steve to get me one that is cheeky).

Due to Ms Sassy Pants Ring, I've been gradually more and more nervous about it, because it's obviously something I would be really upset about losing.

However I have found the solution!


I tied floss snugly around my finger and popped the ring on top.

I've been wearing it like that for more than a day and it works beautifully.

I doubt anyone has even noticed the floss.

At least I hope they haven't......


ladyfriend said...

Hi Livy, interesting you have this problem...so do I! My ring has been getting very slipp of late and I mentioned it to our jeweller (who we happened to see recently for wedding rings selection) and he said he could put some tiny "beads" into the ring and that would make it grip slightly better. Hm...I didn't investigate further since I'm not worried about my ring coming off, it just slips around my finger, but it might be something to bear in mind! Maybe you're losing weight??! You can only hope eh? :-) p.s. beautiful ring btw!

Peridot said...

AND your finger and ring must be minty fresh too!

Seren said...

Hi Livy! Came across your blog the other afternoon and ended up reading the entire thing, love it! Although, I must tell you that my work colleagues all now think I'm slightly odd as I kept doing a laugh-disguised-as-snort-type-thing at my desk.

Hope all the wedding plans are going well - I'm getting married next September and my new project is to find a tame small boy to take wedding dress shopping so he can tell me I look sparkly too :-)


S said...

You really are just like me. :-) But in my case it's the wedding ring, not the engagement ring.
I tried it with nail polish/Base coat (works surprisingly well!).
And yesterday I did a very grown up thing: I brought it back to the store and told them to please make it tighter.

PS: If you are ever coming to visit Munich, let me know - I really think we should have a beer or two together!

julia and ian said...

hee hee

I had a small piece of rolled up post it note in the back of mine for ages! Had to get it reduced for the second time before the wedding as I was sure post it would look so good!

Julia x