Friday, 13 August 2010

The weekend

First of all, can I say a big thank you to you all for the support I got after Wednesday's post. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously, it was so lovely to hear all your kind words and did give me that extra bit of strength and reassurance to know that I would be fine. Oh and Steve has asked me to tell you all that the upsetting issue was nothing to do with him, apparently I made it sound like I'd caught him with a hooker or something. Not the case. Steve is all good. Just so we're clear (acceptable Mr?).

Anyway, today is Friday, all is right in the world again and I am venturing to London tomorrow to see my fire girls for the first post blaze reunion and also to try on the bridesmaid dresses! Ooooohs all around please!

I'll do a post tomorrow about plumbers (mainly because mine has pissed me off) but, as a Friday question, I would like to know two things:

1) What one BRILLIANT BEYOND AMAZING THING you are doing this weekend?


2) Whether I should treat myself to a teensy glass of wine tonight, diet be damned?


ps Two of my lovely commenters (that I know of) are in the Rock My Wedding's Find a New Jenny competition - good luck ladies! x


Slice of Pie said...

I am seeing my most amazing Blazing Saddles Girls and trying on bridesmaids dresses! How bizarre! See you tomorrow sweetpea x

Gaynor said...

1) I am going to my friends UK wedding reception, which is after the wedding in Italy last Wednesday (4th) where I was a bridesmaid, so I get to wear my bridesmaid dress again too!

2) Yes, yes, yes & yes. {Can you tell I just spent a week in Italy drinking gorgeous Italian wine!}

Becky Hick said...

This weekend i'm shopping for wedding bits I am sure to have forgotten to buy (i.e. Bridesmaids presents and the like), stressing, followed by being generally excited as my (or rather, 'our') wedding is next week!!!

Loving the blog Liv!

Anonymous said...

Poor steve :) Glad you are feeling a little bit better Livy.

This weekend I am starting to pack up my little house for the big move in a few weeks...with some music and a few beers ( light beer...can't ditch the W-day diet altogether) it will be kinda fun, with the boy's help of course :)

I hope you totally went ahead and had a glass (or three) of wine tonight. ♥

Anonymous said...

its a bit blummin late now but fortunately, i didn;t do anything amazing at the weekend - merely spring (?!) cleaning.

which sucked.


PS I'm not being mysterious with my anon comments, I just can't remember my google log in details!

Mahj said...

I too am a bit late with this but:

1) My fiance, our friends and I celebrated it being 2 years since something v awful happened - would tell you about it, but would only depress people and the sun is shining today.

2) Hope your wine went down well.

(3. oooo ooo, thats me! I'm one of those 'new Jenny' candidates!) xx