Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

OK, so I'm a bit late. But I hope the first ten days of your new year were lovely. Mine have been and also busy. Turns out I get married in six weeks and five days - who knew?

So, after taking a nice bit of time over Christmas to not wedding plan (pure bliss I tell you), I am now back at full force. Every day parcels are arriving at work full of goodies like cake toppers, wedding tissues and fairy wings (for the little girls, not me, although I would totally rock them....). The Supers at my work aren't thrilled about this and, after carrying five 40cm mirror plates up to me on Friday, mentioned that we are not actually meant to get personal items delivered here. I nodded, smiled sweetly and said I would try to stop it happening.

There are eleven more parcels to arrive....

It is very bizarre to be this close to my wedding, sort of twilighty. I mean, it has been planned for so long and I have really enjoyed planning it so to be nearing the finish line is almost bittersweet.

I keep thinking of things that I would have loved to have done but can't as it is way too late. Like this dress:

From the delectable Candy Anthony

Personally, I have found the last few weeks of planning the worst. All the confirmations and finalities are dull. There is none of the fun of sourcing things and booking them, only the rubbishness of having a million calls from suppliers wanting to know what music to play during the meal, whether we need any high chairs or booster seats, what music we want playing as guest assemble,

Add to this the organisation of fittings for my dress, bridesmaid dresses and usher suits, hair trials, the fact that my florists flooded over Christmas ('It'll be fine Liv, I'll have the shop open again within a fortnight, don't panic'), two guests breaking up with their respective partners meaning that we have to find two new guests as we had to confirm final number with the venue two weeks ago and the fact that I, rather stupidly, insisted on making a speech myself (what the frick do I say?!), I am one busy lady!

My favourite thing ever though is the questions people ask you, now, most of them are well meaning but seriously I DON'T NEED TO KNOW!

We've had:

'You're aunty is setting off for the wedding at 12pm, is that ok?' - ummmm.... well, as you know it starts at 2pm so whenever she needs to set off for there is fine.

'We're thinking of coming to the wedding and then checking in to our hotel (entirely separate from the venue) after the meal, what do you think?' - I think that that is nice if that is what you want to do....

'I've bought a pink jacket for your wedding, it was sooooooo expensive, do you think you'll like it? I can probably change it if I have to' - I have no idea but we didn't have a dress code so whether I like it really doesn't matter.

And, the one I have been asked over 43 times now:

'So, February wedding, are we thinking of a Christmas 2011 baby?'


And breathe! x


Peridot said...

Aren't people rude? Your womb status is no-one's business but your own.

I love that dress and am thinking about that sort of style myself. BUT - fellow cold season bride - what would you wear on your legs? I usually don't stray beyond opaques but I can see that wouldn't quite cut it. Summer would be okay - bare legs, hint of (non orange) fake tan, but November?

Oops, does that count as a pointless question?!


Livy said...

It literally does my head in! The cold is one thing I have had to keep reminding myself of! Luckily the dress is full length so that is ticked off but then there are things like jackets and wraps.

Tis a minefield!

I suppose the legs issue depends on how much time you will spend outside - what's the venue like?

I'm not really helping am I? xx