Monday, 17 January 2011

When I was little....

I was an interesting child, very talkative - in fact I said my first word at eight and a half months ('Otsat' - translation: 'What's that?') and my first sentence ('Aura naughty, Aura mack Livy' - translation: 'Laura naughty, Laura smacked Livy', yep, a complete tattle tale....) when I was 10 months old. I also walked around 9 months and refused to eat anything but Weetabix and McNuggets from the age of 11 months and 18 months.Wasn't I a delight?

As I got older and I gained a little sister, my interest in the world around me and my inquisitiveness only increased and, subsequently, I may have made my own conclusions on some things. I was reminded of this fact by a conversation I had over the weekend so decided to compile a list:

Things I thought were true as a child

* That the world was once black and white and only got painted later on, I asked my Nana this when I was three

* That people that died in films really did die and had been chosen because they were sad

* That writing cheques was a clever way of getting out of actually paying for things, as you could just give people a bit of paper instead of real money, I never understood why people ever accepted the paper - they must have been really stupid....

* That all cats were girls and that all dogs were boys

* That there were Boy Colours and Girl Colours and they were as follows:
  • Boy Colours: blue, green, black, brown, grey
  • Girl Colours: pink, yellow, red, orange, white
Purple could change gender

* That 'invaluable' meant that something had no value and was worth nothing at all. I often got confused as to why the Famous Five would have long and complex adventures looking for completely worthless treasure

* That cash points just gave you free money - I could never understand why my Dad never got the most he could each time

Choking my little sister - see, a delight!

What did you believe when you were little?


Becca said...

Yes!!! I thought dogs were boys and cats were girls, too!! It didn't help that there was a line of pet food called "Good Boy" for dogs and "Good Girl" for cats.

Also - before my friend Rachael told me where babies came from, I thought that you just fell pregnant at random after you got married. I remember thinking "but what if you don't want a baby?" Oh yeah... I was a progressive kid ;)

Davanie said...

I also thought everything was black and white up until the 60s or so. I remember asking my grandma and dad how they turned 'colored'.
I thought the game was called 'ballyball' until 6th grade when I saw it spelled out as 'volleyball'.

Peridot said...

Um I was a precocious and prim and precise toddler who frequently corrected sloppy diction in adults! Yuck! I did however believe that babies emerged from the side of the inner thigh, thanks to some very vague gesturing by my mother. She only has herself to blame that I'm never giving her grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

I believed that you could live with out a brain... you would just be really stupid.

Peridot said...

Anonymous - that may well be true and would explain a great deal (including Big Brother)!

Victoria said...

I used to think that when they said "a body was found..." on the news, that it was just the torso. I used to spend many sleepless nights or sleeping nights full of nightmares grossed out by a body with no head, arms and legs wondering where they'd put the "extra bits"...