Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I my keys made a scene at the post office.

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, panicked that the wedding was only eight weeks away, I hit the internet to source all of those last bits and pieces, you know; signs, cake toppers, wedding tissues (yep, I spent double what I would on little packs of tissues just so that they would have mini bride and grooms on them.... did I mention that I may be going cuckoo-catchu?) etc...

Fast forward to last Monday and the massive box full of goodies finally arrived in my office*, eagerly I tore it open, ready to ooh and ah at all the lovelies.

Except.... my cake topper was wrong. I had received one that was, admittedly, similar but definitely not the one that Steve and I spent hours arguing over (someone better flipping comment on it on the day...).

So I called the store and, happily, they admitted their mistake and told me just to post it back to them and they would sort it out.

So how did my keys get involved? I'm getting there, I promise.

This morning, I popped the topper in an open envelope and popped that into a carrier and left my flat on my merry way to work. I locked my door and, hands full, decided just to drop my keys into the carrier and get them out later.

Around an hour ago, I decided to pack the envelope up.

I typed out my letter, printed it off, sealed the envelope and wandered off to the post office when, while weighing it, the nice Post Office Lady mentioned that whatever it was, was jangling and had I wrapped it securely?

Confused, I racked my brains - cake toppers don't jangle, do they?

It then suddenly dawned on me.

My keys were in the envelope.

Which is how I came to find myself ripping open a parcel on the floor of the Post Office with a queue of angry and grumbling customers behind me.

* just a note, the post guys at my work do not like me at the moment, I am receiving on average three parcels a day. And my office is on the sixth floor.

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