Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The wedding is getting to me

It is making me lose me mind. The blondisms are out of control.

On Monday night, Steve and I went to bed early and watched the first episode Glee on +1 (delightfully awesome by the way). Half way through some blonde baby child man sang 'Billionaire', now I have heard this song many a time, it is even on my ipod (thank you 12 year old brother for lending me Now 77) but something in the way this giant mouthed guy was singing it clicked in me and I suddenly realised that the lyric is 'I wanna be a millionaire, so fricking bad' not 'so fricking bear' as I had previously thought. I had always thought it strange, I mean, why a bear? But who was I to doubt Travy McCoy and that other guy who loves me just the way I am?

Steve laughed for precisely 11 minutes and 28 seconds.

Then tonight, we were ordering candy scoops on Amazon, logged into my account, I pressed the 'Purchase' button and up popped the lovely thank you screen.

I scrolled down, reading the message and suddenly I came to a little box. It was labelled 'Get yourself a little something' and underneath were pictures of Sex and the City 2, Sylvanian Meerkat babies, Sylvanian Elephant babies and a Sylvanian Fresian Cow baby.

I gasp. I shiver. I catch my breath.

Me: Steve! Look what it has suggested for me to buy myself.

Steve looks over.

Steve: Yes...

Me: (still giddy) They are all things I really, really, really want! Look! Look! What a clever computer! How does it know?

Steve: They are all on your Amazon wishlist baby.

My face falls.

Steve: (starting to laugh) Did you think it just conjured up the Sylvanian/Sex and the City combo out of thin air? Who would want all of those other than you?

Me: (small and quiet) Another super cool person.

Steve: Oh your little face... (laugh laugh laugh) the computer isn't that clever... (laugh laugh laugh)

He stopped laughing after about 10 minutes, then half an hour later...

Steve: Heee heee heee heee heee heee!

So, to show his remorse, he is going to buy me all the babies.

Aren't they cute?

Oh and yes, Sylvanian Family babies are super, super cool.


Victoria said...

A girl in my office did the same last week but with the adverts that pop up on the side and top bars on hotmail. She gasped "oh my, this is amazing, these adverts actually KNOW what I want to buy this afternoon"

The rest of us then pointed out that she was a victim of very clever cookie-searching/favourites-hacking/some other technological whizz-kiddery that searches your recent online browsing to see what you've looked at and then re-advertises it to you.

She was utterly crestfallen! :-(

Buuuuut... Sylvanian Family babies!!!! A.Mazing. I loved them as a child, I had the caravan and my friend had the tree house. I never "played" with them - you know role play etc, just set them up in nice little scenes and looked at them. Which is very much what I'd like to do now.

So jealous!

Becca said...

Love! I never had Sylvanian Families as a kid, but my friend, Kelly, did. She had the best toys - Quints, Barbie's house, etc.

I entered a competition to win the Sylvanian Families canal boat last week. I skipped over the bit of the form that said "age of child".

Livy said...

I totally forgot about quints! I feel a bizarre need to google them now!

Oh and you are right Victoria - you don't play with the babies, just place them and then gaze x