Friday, 16 April 2010

And I studied linguistics

My friend Ben, taught me a Portuguese word once - the only one I know - safado. He said it meant 'lazy'.

Yesterday, while Facebook-chatting with a guy who just got back from Brazil, I endeavored to impress him with my knowledge of his second language. He cracked up (LOLed, if you will) a lot more than I would have expected from someone hearing the word 'lazy' in Portuguese . . . and then he informed me that, actually, it means 'man-whore'.

So I finally get why my friend John-the-Marine's Brazilian girlfriend didn't warm to me much (at all, really) when I met her. It's probably not wise to call yourself a man-whore in your first encounter with somebody. Particularly if you are not, in fact, a man-whore, but rather a betrothed woman who used to go out with her boyfriend.


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