Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Oh to be happy

Today is my favourite day of the whole year. Yes, that's right; it is Cute Tot Day in the local paper. Today the paper has printed a special supplement, 22 pages of photos of infants, complete with their names, all asking to be the city’s bestest baby.

Now, in order to explain why I love this so much, I must reveal a slightly embarrassing fact:

I am obsessed with names.

There, I've said it. I always have been, I can tell you the meaning of the majority of names used in the UK as well as where they rated in the popularity stakes in the last year. I even have a special chart that I order from the UK Office of Statistics each May. Yep. Seriously.

Anyway, the paper cutest tot contest allows me to read some of the BEST names ever (around 1386 to be precise). And believe me, there are some spectacular ones! There was the year of the twins, Tia Maria and Jack Daniel, there was the year of Beaurigard-Harriet McKinley-Warrington and this year, only three pages in, I have found Summer Bangs, LaToya Coggins, Alexander Ander and Kennedie Butter.

Please don't misunderstand me; I am not judging these babies or their (perhaps misguided) parents. They love their children very much I am sure. It is just fantastic to be able to see the imagination and genius that goes into naming.

But seriously, I would love to be called Kennedie Butter! It's BRILLIANT!

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